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    From boletes and nettles to coho and orca—join us for a walk on the wild side.

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    Citizen Science

    Your observations help build our island nature data bank—whether it be trees, salmon, sea stars, or birds.

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    Scientists in Schools

    Partnering with island schools to awaken curiosity and inspire action through student + scientist hands-on citizen science.

  • Naturalist Training

    High-touch natural history programs help community members understand their personal role in a healthy island ecosystem.

  • Bioblitz Video

    Everyone counts in this video recap of our annual species count marathon. Join the fun: July 12, 2014!  Watch it now.

Our Story

When Vashon Nature Center Director Bianca Perla returned to the island where she grew up to raise her family, she was excited to apply her scientific background to her love for island natural history. And so she set out to learn all she could about local flora and fauna. Although she unearthed loads of intriguing anecdotes—people once filled wheelbarrows full of Judd Creek salmon to use as fertilizer, old-growth driftwood made it difficult for early beachcombers to walk the shore, and carnivorous plants thrive in Whispering Firs Bog!—she was surprised to find very few scientific records of island nature phenomena.

In talking with local naturalists and scientists, Bianca realized the vast stores of knowledge and expertise here. She wanted to harness this talent and bring together the many experts and nature lovers on the island. So, Bianca created Vashon Nature Center not only to fill the need for more scientific data, but to bring together a community of scientists and naturalists of all ages to do citizen science projects, swap stories, learn from each other, and share their knowledge with islanders and visitors. Learn More

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We host, sponsor, and promote island nature and science events. Mark your calendar with upcoming activities, or tell us about your event.

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Wildlife Sightings

Know what to look for as you explore. Click here to read reports of the most current wildlife sightings and to share your own discoveries.

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From classrooms-turned-laboratories to coho encounters, our citizen scientists and nature experts are making headlines. Read all about it!

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