Myth Busters: A mountain lion fact-finding mission

Myth Busters: A mountain lion fact-finding mission

by: Kathryn True A mountain lion has made its home on Vashon since last July. Its presence inspires awe, joy, fear, excitement, and fuels rumors. At Vashon Nature Center, we hear many questions and concerns about the cougar…. Read More

Fin whale on Vashon

by: Bianca Perla, featured photo above by Kelly Keenan. Have you ever touched whale skin? It’s slippery and firm like the smooth skin of a wet apple. Have you had the chance to stand and look down into… Read More

BeachNET launches as part of larger Salish Sea restoration

by: Kathryn True On several cold, wet nights this winter, while the rest of us cozied up by the fire, a group of intrepid scientists and volunteers visited local beaches to pan for gold—fish gold to be exact…. Read More