Fin whale on Vashon

Fin whale on Vashon

by: Bianca Perla, featured photo above by Kelly Keenan. Have you ever touched whale skin? It’s slippery and firm like the smooth skin of a wet apple. Have you had the chance to stand and look down into… Read More

Brrrrr… January wildlife update

Brrrrr!!!! These icy bluebird days have delivered much beauty to us this winter. But long cold spells are a challenging time for our Pacific Northwest wildlife.  During cold spells it is harder to find food and water. While… Read More

Annual Christmas Bird Count: a long-standing citizen science tradition

Kick off the New Year with the Christmas Bird Count  A guest blog for VNC from Audubon Master Birder Ezra Parker As a grand finale to your holiday season, consider ringing in the New Year by participating in… Read More