Thank you Stream Team 2017!

Thank you Stream Team 2017!

Over the last few days we had an intrepid team of 10 volunteers join our stream team, rearrange their schedules to beat the oncoming rains, and conduct our 5th annual stream invertebrate survey of Vashon creeks. We finished… Read More

Current Wildlife Sightings

We will continue to update this blog post with most current wildlife sightings. Click Read more to view. We hope you enjoy learning more about our varied and interesting wildlife on Vashon! Please note: accuracy is important to… Read More

Fin whale on Vashon

by: Bianca Perla, featured photo above by Kelly Keenan. Have you ever touched whale skin? It’s slippery and firm like the smooth skin of a wet apple. Have you had the chance to stand and look down into… Read More