Champions for Biodiversity: Judd Creek BioBlitz 2016

Champions for Biodiversity: Judd Creek BioBlitz 2016

Thank you to all who turned out for BioBlitz 2016! What a wonderful 24 hours it was. Below you will find the preliminary highlights along with some photos. But first, we’d like to share some fitting reflections on… Read More

Alder flowers, Sandhill crane sighting and other bird news

Spring has sprung early this year. Salmonberries are starting to bloom as are red-flowering currants, osoberry, skunk cabbage, alders and more. John Candy emailed in to remind us all to notice the alders coming to life. He says,”The… Read More

Six-gill shark, Orcas, salmon and more!

The resident Orca whales have visited Vashon shores twice this week, circling the island today in a “superpod” composed of members of J,K, and L pods together. They ping-ponged between the south end of the island and the… Read More