Important coyote follow up

Important coyote follow up

This is a follow up to our previous blog post about coyotes at the Sheep Dog trials. Since last Friday, we have learned more. Because Vashon Nature Center’s focus is to provide information about local wildlife and ecosystems,… Read More

Island Breeding & Other Birds Recap

Vashon Nature Center - Bushtit Nest

Update from island bird expert Ed Swan: Sunday, Kathryn True found nesting Downy Woodpecker and Common Bushtit in her yard. Sharon Aukland in Dockton had a male Downy feeding a young bird at their suet feeder and Black-capped… Read More

Barn Owls and More!

Update from island bird expert Ed Swan: Adria Magrath had a pair of Evening Grosbeaks at her feeder today. They’ve been moving through this last week. I’d appreciate sightings as people find them. Also, has anyone seen Cedar… Read More