Living with coyotes

There were 6 coyotes spotted at the Sheep Dog trials last weekend. These coyotes preyed on and killed 2 sheep and a lamb that had been released into the meadows for the weekend and two of them were shot when they returned to hunt sheep the next night.  In light of this recent event we’d like to share some information on best known strategies for living with coyotes. To learn more about coyote biology and behavior and best known strategies for living with coyotes in our community we suggest visiting the following links:

Project Coyote, a coalition of wildlife biologists, has put together some tried and true guidelines on best practices for keeping coyotes wary of humans, livestock, and associated animals. These can be found on their resources page.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife also has a fact sheet that includes preventative measures. They include detailed descriptions of preventative fencing and information on using guard animals.

We are still keeping a database on sightings, reports of howling locations, and any interactions with domestic animals and humans to track coyote ranges, behaviors, and habits.  Please keep telling us what you are experiencing so we can all work together to better understand our island coyotes and minimize conflicts. Our hearts go out to all who were touched by this event.

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