“You cannot step into the same river twice…”– Heraclitus

Welcome to the Salmonwatchers volunteer page. Through the salmonwatching program we are trying to answer the following questions about salmon and trout in our streams: what types of salmon and trout are present in our streams and where (Sit Spots)? how do numbers of spawning salmon compare from year to year in Shinglemill and Judd Creeks (Reach walks)? How far up our creeks do salmon go (Furthest limit checkpoints)? Below you can read this season’s vital statistics and download salmonwatcher information and datasheets. Have fun out there, be safe, and thanks to all of you volunteering your time on the creeks!

SALMON TALLY 2015:  276

Creeks where salmon have been seen this season: Judd (208), Shinglemill (65) , Fisher (3)

(Click here to access a table with all creeks and a breakdown by species of salmon)

Creek with the most salmon seen so far: Judd

First salmon observed by:

  • Kelly Keenan (September 4th, Judd–pink! first known record for Vashon!)
  • Peter Cummings (October 2, Judd–female coho)
  • Jane Neubauer (October 25, Shinglemill–female coho)
  • Victoria Adams (October 26, Shinglemill–first chum, female)
  • Mary Shackleford (October 27, Fisher–first coho)
  • Kelly Keenan (October 29, Judd–first chum)

Most salmon in a day: 

  • Linda Petersen and family (12 salmon on Shinglemill Creek)

Number of confirmed redds: 52

updated: December 16, 2015

Photos and Videos

Click on the photo below to see a regularly updated album from our Salmonwatchers in the field!

Coho salmon entering Shinglemill Creek. photo by: Cece Reoux

Coho salmon entering Shinglemill Creek. photo by: Cece Reoux

A great compilation video of salmon migrating Judd Creek by Peter Cummings.

Check out this salmon spawning video by Kelly Keenan taken in Judd Creek in 2014.

Video spawning salmon in lower Judd Creek  farthest recorded downstream location for spawning coho by Bianca Perla.

Chum salmon in a pool on lower Judd 2015. Video by Peter Cummings.

Chum salmon spawning behavior lower Judd 2015 by Peter Cummings.

Information for Salmon Watchers: Datasheets, Map of sites, and training materials

Volunteer Consent Form: if you have not come to a training and signed the sign-in sheet, BEFORE you start watching salmon please fill out this Consent Form and return it to: 23509 Landers Rd SW Vashon, WA 98070 or email a scanned copy to:

Help with salmon identification: Salmonwatcher training slideshow

Salmonwatcher electronic datasheet:

Salmonwatcher protocols (Sit Spots , Reaches, Furthest Limit Spots)

Salmonwatcher map of spots and reaches

List of Salmonwatcher creek assignments 2015

To read previous reports on Vashon Salmon visit our Research page

For more help with salmon identification visit King County’s Fish identification page

Kelly Keenan is our Salmonwatcher coordinator. To report fish sightings or sign up for salmonwatching email:

If you have any questions or need immediate assistance call Vashon Nature Center: 206-755-5798.

Thank you for participating!

featured photo by: Kelly Keenan