Christensen Counts!

Christensen Counts!

Bioblitz 2014 July 12-13 Christensen Creek Watershed Even on this small island, each of our Bioblitz events has been unique both in terms of species composition and overall feel. At Neill Point in 2012, everything was new, even… Read More

A magical weekend at Fern Cove Bioblitz 2013

A huge, heartfelt thanks to all of you who made the 2nd Annual Vashon Island Bioblitz a success in every way. Even with our raw count we found more species than last year at 386 (compared to 354… Read More

Bioblissed: Absolutely everyone counts at the 2012 Bioblitz

My daughter and I arrived at Neill Point, unloaded the car and took a look around the maple-ringed clearing. We were the first to arrive, could we start counting yet? The sun broke through for the first time… Read More