Zen and the Art of Tadpole Rescue

Zen and the Art of Tadpole Rescue

Vashon Nature Center - Pacific Chorus Frog Tadpoles

I have been engaged in a ritual the last couple of weeks that involves such focus, attention and agility, that the world drops away and I go into a near meditative state. It’s not a wise Eastern tradition,… Read More

Get your green on with nettles!

All around us myriad shades of green are nudging out the gray-brown wash of winter. Buds, blossoms, needles and leaves are unfurling with time-lapse-camera speed, responding to nature’s unseen alarm. For those in the know, one of the… Read More

Stars in my eyes

When Orion strides into the skyscape each year I feel like I’m greeting an old friend, and I’m reminded of the first time I ever saw him. Standing on the sidewalk in front of my childhood home in… Read More