Brown booby sighting!

Brown booby sighting!

Wow! We have had an incredible run of rare bird sightings lately. Keep your eyes on the Sound, shores, and trees as the fall migration begins. We love to hear what you are seeing out there. This just… Read More

Vesper Sparrow sighting and rubber boa snake!

  VESPER SPARROW This just in from Ed Swan: Harsi Parker found a Vesper Sparrow at her place on central Vashon Island this evening.  This is the first record in roughly 30 years.  Back in the 1940’s, Larrison… Read More

Christensen Counts!

Bioblitz 2014 July 12-13 Christensen Creek Watershed Even on this small island, each of our Bioblitz events has been unique both in terms of species composition and overall feel. At Neill Point in 2012, everything was new, even… Read More