WildCam Vashon

Vashon Nature Center, with the help of a dedicated group of citizen scientists, operates and maintains a network of wildlife camera traps throughout the greater Vashon-Maury island ecosystem. Nine geographic sectors have been established each representing approximately four square miles covering the combined Vashon-Maury island footprint of thirty-seven square miles.

Our cameras are placed randomly within 9 different equal area sectors to monitor wildlife activity. Click on photo to be taken to a google map where you can zoom in.


Cameras are placed in randomly selected locations within each sector with the intention of capturing established island wildlife, black-tailed deer, raccoon, and coyote as well as occasional visitors and transients such as black bear, cougar, beaver and others.

Data gathered from camera captures assists VNC in getting a clearer picture of animal use and coming to a better understanding of wildlife/human co-existence in our shared community. Your participation as citizen scientists is an important part of VNC efforts to build a community of islanders and visitors who connect with local natural wonders and each other through research, education and citizen science.

How you can help

You can help us build our WildCam network in many ways. Donate to help us purchase equipment and coordinate this program, contact us to volunteer as a camera station operator or send us your own wildlife camera photos (info@vashonnaturecenter.org). For more information about this network or wildlife cameras in general contact our network managers: John Rupp: john.rupp@comcast.net or Kelly Keenan: kellykeenan.vnc@gmail.com

Materials for WildCam station operators

WildCam station protocol

Project Partners: 

This program is supported in part by a King County Service Areas grant as well as partner support from:


Featured photo by: Bob Lane, VNC wildlife camera station operator